Leanne & Todd

Astley Bank Hotel


There's nothing more precious to me, then when I click with my couples and I feel like we've known each other forever, this was definitely one of those moments. Leanne & Todd's wedding was fabulous from start to finish.

How did your partner propose? Tell me your proposal story...

Todd bought a ring and asked my mum and stepdad’s permission. We were going on holiday to a quiet and secluded part of Majorca and Todd had planned to propose on the 3rd night of the holiday at a very posh restaurant which he had booked. The first night, we had picked out a casual restaurant on the coast which he liked the look of but he had no original plans to propose on the first night. As a last minute decision, in the lift on the way to the restaurant, Todd ran back to the room saying he had forgotten his phone. He returned to the lift having hid the ring down the front of his shorts in a sock and ensured I walked ahead of him so not to see the box. We had dinner at the coastal restaurant and as we were leaving Todd went to the toilet to put the ring in his back pocket and again ensured I walked ahead. Todd then led me to a quiet cove overlooking the sea and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was completely pitch black and I couldn’t actually make out what the ring looked like but I cried the whole time and continued to ask him ‘what are you doing?’. We’re still not sure if I actually ever said yes. We never did go to the posh restaurant - but that's not very 'us' anyway. 



Why did you choose this venue for your wedding?

As soon as we saw Astley Bank on pictures we knew we wanted to see it before any other venue because of its neutral decor and the amount of natural light the large windows allowed in. We wanted a bright, airey space that we could make our own. Although we did visit other venues, we knew Astley Bank was the right one due to its close and intimate feel.


Tell me about your wedding vision, your theme, flowers, colours etc...

Elegant and stylish - we wanted simplicity and timelessness. Todd hates fuss and anything that could be described as 'too much' and I'm pretty much the same. 

Almost immediately I had a really clear idea for the theme - I wanted a strong colour to be complimented by soft pinks, creams and silver. We of course decided on teal and blush pink for the bridesmaid dresses and linked everything back to those. 

The flowers were really easy. Again, I wanted soft, complimentary colours and my amazing florist helped me to choose a selection roses and lisianthus with eucalyptus for the bouquets as I wanted them to look as freshly picked as possible. 

As a huge Disney fan I added some very subtle hints throughout the day but we wanted to avoid anything that would necessarily determine a theme. 



What was your first dance choice and why?

Oasis - Slide Away

We are both massive music lovers. Choosing the music for our day was probably the hardest part for us. Oasis is our favourite band and we desperately wanted them to feature but we didn't know where they'd fit. We only knew that we didn't want a traditional first dance song. 

In the end, we kept going back to 'Slide Away' by Oasis for our first dance and even though it wasn't a typical 'first dance song', with the lyrics it made sense for us. That song will now always hold a special place in our hearts and it was probably one of the best decisions we made. 


Tell me about your wedding dress...

I wanted classic and timeless. I don't like bling or lace so I knew that I wanted something simplistic in satin. I also knew that I wanted a princess skirt but I wasn't sure about the neckline. 

My dress was the first dress I chose to try on - as soon as I saw it I knew it was the one for me. 


What was your favourite part or parts of the day?

Definitely seeing eachother for the first time. I (Leanne) was just so overcome with emotion that I burst into tears as I was about to see Todd. During the whole ceremony he was squeezing my hand telling me "it's ok" so I could compose myself again. Such funny memories. 

Other favourite moments were the speeches and of course the evening reception where we could celebrate with our favourite people. I don't think we left the dancefloor once. 


Do you have any advice for future couples, who are planning their big day?

Start planning as early as possible - we only had about 10 months to plan and we noticed that a lot of suppliers are booked around 2 years in advance. Get a wedding planner (notepad) and get your guest list organised as soon as possible. A lot of family and friends will offer their opinions thinking they are helping and some of their  suggestions will be helpful, but remember that ultimately it's your day as a couple so you should choose to do what you're happy with. The people who love you will understand anyway. 

Finally, make sure you take 10 minutes out together during the day. As our ceremony was at the same venue as our reception we didn't automatically get any time alone, but we did leave everyone for 10 minutes and had a drink and a chat together as husband and wife. It allowed us to reflect on the day so far and was one of the most memorable parts of our day.


Bride's dress - Wed2B

Suits - Aults Suit Hire - Bolton

Brides's shoes - Dorothy Perkins Showcase

Bride's make-up - Kontour By Kate

Bridesmaids' make-up - Leena_makeup

Hair - Bang & Loop

Flowers - Margot's - Bolton

Room dressing - Celebrate with Lisa Jane

Videographer - In Love

Cake - a family friend

Adult bridesmaid dresses - Dorothy Perkins

Junior bridesmaid dresses - Roco Clothing

Evening decoration - Ice Entertainment 

Venue & DJ - Astley Bank