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On Saturday 15th of September I had the pleasure of capturing Amy & Dan's special day at the Mercure Atlantic Hotel in Liverpool. When I arrived at the house ready to capture Amy's bridal prep I was greeted with an explosion of rose gold balloons and decorations, Dan had only gone and decorated the house for Amy on their special day, how cute is that?! Not only that, I would say you have to be pretty in sync as a couple to surprise one another with fancies wedding cars and that's exactly what happened!

How did Dan propose?


Well I’d got my hopes up that he was going to propose the year before when we were away in Mexico. I’d already seen the goldsmiths bag in his case and thought he was going to pop the question on the beach on my birthday. Turns out .... it was a watch. A beautiful Michael Korrs watch, but a watch all the same. The year later for our three year anniversary Daniel has booked the Titanic hotel for the night. We had a gorgeous meal, 3 bottles of red wine, headed back to the room were he decided to run me a hot bath. He opened a bottle of fizz handed me a glass and whilst IN the bath asked me to marry him. Course I burst into tears and said yes so he decided to FaceTime his best mate whilst I tried to strategically place the bubbles!


What made you choose your venue?


I’d been to the bliss wedding show with my best mate and has walked past the Mercure’s stand and had seen an absolute stunning black and white picture of the bride and groom on there balcony with the Liver building in the background and knew that was the place. I’d spoke to dan when we got home and showed him and booked to view it. We then met Kevin who looks after the events along with his team at the Mercure and fell in love. He was funny, he was interested in me and Daniel, he gave us free drinks (which always helps). You just knew that with him on the day you were going to have a ball ... and we did!


Tell me about your theme.


We wanted our day to me simple and classy but for everything to have a meaning. Our home is grey so Dan's suits were a reflection of our home. Our flowers were mainly orchids. There my favourite flower and again our house is full of them so it was only right they formed as our centerpieces. The rose gold favour boxes were a reminder of my rose gold watch in Mexico. We thought it best to add a bit of colour too and when we first went to view the Mercure they had there mood lighting set to purple in the Vista and Dan loved it so our day was a coming together of our last six years together really


Tell me about your wedding dress experience and the dress…

I went to one shop, Boutique Brides of Crosby with my best mate Natalie one day. I know that’s a bit unusual as your normally take your mum but my mum and I had completely different ideas on what the dress should be. I met the lovely Pat whose years of experience really showed as my dress was the third one that she had said why don’t you try that on? And thank god I did. And then after I had found the one, my mum Dan's mum and my aunt Betty came for a second appointment and they all loved it.


What were your favourite moments/memories from the day?


It’s got to be the surprise cars. Daniel and his Aston and me and my Bentley. We were both completely blown away by it and it’s a funny story to tell the kids when they come along. I know it’s such a cliche to say the whole day was perfect but it really was. From the girls having a chilled morning with our veggie sausages and fresh out of jades hens eggs to the boys getting ready in Daniels mums. And then the day itself was just full of laughs and jokes. Daniel has a knack for doing little things for me all the time but then will go all out by doing the Bride to Be balloons, flowers and cakes and PJs surprise for me the night before. We both really enjoyed our mini photo shoot after the wedding when we had said I do and we walked over the the Cunard building and had just little moments of looking at each other saying we did it. We loved walking back to see my cousins waving to us from the balcony. And then the evening playing Mr & Mrs and starting a conga which I haven’t done in years.


Any advice or tips to any future couples?


Obviously book Lynette as your wedding photographer. We have so many beautiful photos. Don’t sweat the small stuff. No one is going to remember what colour your favour boxes are or the seating cards. They are only going to remember how they felt on the day which is hopefully stuffed from the amazing food, drink from all the booze and aching the next day from all the dancing. A friend messaged me the morning of the wedding and said just remember you are not paid to meet and greet. It’s your wedding day. Enjoy it!

I was with this gorgeous pair for half their special day, here are some of my favorite images.....

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