Kelsie & Karl
The Barn at Yew Tree Farm Wedding Photography

barn at yew tree farm wedding photography, lynette matthews photography

The proposal …

We got engaged whilst we were away on a cruise for Karl's 30th birthday in May 2018. Karl had said that he didn't really have a plan in mind and was just going to wait for the right time. One of the days we were on a beach in Bermuda which was absolutely stunning which is all I had kept saying. We had walked away from the crowds to a small cove area so Karl thought 'right this will be perfect'. However, a local man was also in the same coved area and was asking us if we fancied skinny dipping with him which unfortunately ruined the moment Karl had hoped for haha! Karl then decides a few days later to book a horse riding trip through the rainforest in Puerto Rico which sounds super romantic! Little did Karl know that I absolutely hate horse riding but I thought okay I'll just go because it's nice of him to book a spontaneous trip. After half an hour of riding the horses and me hating every minute of it, we stop for a break down by the river where Karl then gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. I had an idea something was coming as Karl had a massive ring box shaped lump on his leg during the horse ride which I found really cute as it was 'very Karl'. Couldn't of asked for a more perfect proposal and to top it off Karl actually hand made the engagement ring after taking silversmith lessons which when he told me had me sobbing for a good half hour! 


Why did you choose the barn at yew tree Farm for your wedding?

Originally we were getting married in Portugal in June 2020 but obviously the pandemic stopped that from happening. We waited a while before deciding what to do and in the end we were having trouble rearranging with the venue due to various reasons and ended up losing the deposit we had paid. However, we didn't want to give up on the wedding and decided we would have a look at local venues. Everywhere I was looking just wasn't something we had wanted until we came across The Barn @ Yew Tree Farm. We went to view it and instantly loved it. We booked it for May 2021 and were so excited. This unfortunately didn't happen and we rearranged for July 2021. In the end everything worked out perfectly and we couldn't of wished for a better venue from the way it looks down to the lovely staff who were so accommodating and helpful!


your wedding vision, theme, colours etc

After having a completely different wedding in mind at first with it originally being in Portugal, I had to restart the whole wedding planning once we knew it wasn't going to be there. I love simple, rustic looking themes and anything floral always gets me excited! I had a meeting with flossies weddings who did a brilliant job at decorating the tables and aisles to make it look quite natural and rustic looking. I also made all my own stationery which at the time seemed like a big job but I was super happy with how they turned out.


What was your first dance song choice and why?

Our first dance song was You're My Best Friend - Queen. When we were on holiday in Santorini a few years ago I had mentioned to Karl that we didn't have a song that was 'our song' whilst we were sat in a cute little cocktail bar. This was the next song to come on after I had mentioned it and we have said it was 'our song' ever since. Plus we don't like anything too cheesy so it was perfect! 


the dress...

I've never been one to dream of my wedding day or have a perfect dress in mind so for me I was happy to just get something off eBay or from a charity shop! However, I knew it would be lovely having a morning with my mum and bridesmaids trying a few dresses on so we decided to go to Wed2Be which is a wedding dress outlet where you can just show up on the day and have a chilled out trying on experience. I had only tried on 2 dresses and the third one was the one I ended up picking! I loved wearing it and felt comfortable all day and my husband said it was exactly what he has pictured me to wear.


What were your favourite parts of the day?

One of our favourite parts of the day was our mini photoshoot with the Alpacas as we both really love animals! It was so much fun spending time with them and having lovely photos to look back on which most weddings wouldn't have. We enjoyed every minute of the whole day and wish we could do it all again! It really helped having a great photographer like Lynette too who made us feel so relaxed during the photographs and captured everything we asked for! 


What is your advice to future couples planning their wedding?

Our advice would be to try not worry too much, everything works out in the end. The bottom tier of our cake completely collapsed the day before the wedding due to it being a heatwave at the time so we ending up having a sloppy two tier cake instead of 3. At the time it seemed like the end of the world but now looking back it's quite funny and didn't take away anything special from the day! Also do it exactly how you want to do it. People will always try to have their say or advise doing things a certain way but it's better to not live with regrets and do what makes you both happy.



Dress - Wed2Be

Car - Posh Pampa Campa

Decor and Flowers - Flossie's Weddings 

DJ - Knights of Disco, Lee Knight

Cake - Cakefluent by Kerry

Suits - Next

Bridesmaid dresses - Little Mistress

Hair - Michael Franks

Make up - Hannah Falconer

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the barn at yew tree farm wedding, liverpool wedding photographer

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