Ben & Mandy

The Bold Hotel

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What do you get, if you mix together a lovely couple (outside and in), tears, love, lots of laughter, dancing on the tables?


You get this epic wedding....


Tell me about your proposal story 

we took a trip to Venice... Ben had arranged for a private boat to collect us from the airport, and whilst on the Grand Canal, just past Rialto Bridge, he got down on one knee and asked the question (after I’d said “this couldn’t be more perfect”... turns out it could be!!). We then had 3 days in our engagement bubble, just the two of us enjoying Italian food and drink, before coming home to celebrate with friends and family!

Why did you choose this venue for your wedding?


we had looked at a few venues, most costing a small fortune, but The Bold Hotel was the only venue that seemed to tick all the boxes. We wanted the day to be about us, our friends and our family. The Bold had amazing staff, who went above and beyond, and helped facilitate the entire day. It was also very local to us, and meant that friends and family wouldn’t have to spend money on accommodation - everybody could be there!! 

Tell me your wedding vision, theme, colours, flowers, accessories etc


I’m not very creative so struggled to have a “vision” that would pull everything together. I knew I wanted quite simplistic, but that was pretty much it!!! I found the bridesmaids dresses online and fell in love, and they were pale blue, but I knew I didn’t want a ‘blue’ theme - I kept the dresses as my only “something blue”. The flowers were found accidentally - I wanted a big bouquet with only cream flowers in and searched Pinterest (they were more perfect than I imagined). Again, with jewellery I kept it ‘simple’ - Ben bought me a stunning diamond bracelet for the day, I had some gorgeous stud diamond earrings from my friends, and I had my Mum & Dads wedding rings sewn into my dress as my “something old”. Bens main addition to the theme was having Corona and Wine as the favours!! The host (Howard Wing) was also very very important to us - having a less traditional meal, basically one big party, suited our personalities perfectly - I would recommend him to anyone and everyone! 

What was your first dance song choice and why?


Michael Buble - Everything. This is a song we have loved since we got together (12 years ago) and end up singing along to it together at parties... it just seemed right!

Tell me about your wedding dress


It was everything I could have wished for. Everyone expected me to wear a fishtail style dress, but I knew it wasn’t for me. My dress was high-neck, pinched in at the waist and the bottom half was ‘princess’ style (that part I never expected to choose). It was quite plain and elegant, and most importantly I could walk/dance in it!! I had a long veil (which Ben found frustrating, as he either stood on it or caught it accidentally) and it had beading on the edges to match beading on my dress! The dress shop - One Fine Day - had the most lovely members of staff and such gorgeous dresses!

What were your favourite parts of the day?


honestly, everything. From start to finish we wouldn’t change a thing. Having a bit of quiet time in Botanic Gardens, having photos, was pretty special and gave us chance for things to sink in. But the whole day was one big party, we just wish we could do it all over again!!!

What is your advice to future couples planning their wedding?


don’t stress about the things that aren’t important.. think about what it is YOU want, not what anyone else wants - if people want to see you happy, they won’t care. I also tell people how important it is to capture the day, both on photo and video, as this is how you re-live it over and over again!! The stunning venue is important to have, but it’s the people who make it. Having all your friends and family together, knowing they are all there for you, is the part that makes the day. I would also say, don’t over-spend... it’s so easy to get carried away, but make sure the money is well-spent, keep track!

Why did you choose Lynette Matthews Photography?


we live locally to Lynette’s shop, and her pictures in the window are stunning. We had looked at a few photographers, but her photos were just gorgeous.. capturing moments perfectly! When we met her, her style, her infectious personality and her enthusiasm just made us so sure she was the person for us!! And wow she delivered. The photos are everything we could have asked for and more. The presentation of the photo album is the most beautiful we have seen, and her customer service is amazing! It felt like we had another friend at the wedding, with a camera in hand and a big smile on her face!! She also got on so well with our videographer, Mark Herrington, which meant everything was captured perfectly by both. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


The Bold Hotel (venue),

Mark Herrington (videographer),

Robert Peet (second shooter)

Howard Wing (host/MC),

The Window Box (flowers),

Lemon Tree Bakery (cake),

One Fine Day (wedding dress),

Reputation (suits),

Classic Wedding Cars,

Sharnie Wells SalonOne (Hair Bridal Party),

Jenny Bird (makeup),

Shiovonne Makeup,

Big White Events Company (venue dressing),

Booth Brothers (Photo Booth)