Lynette Matthews Photography

On Saturday 1st of September I had the pleasure of capturing Helen & Alex's special day at Hilltop Farm. Since I knew tipi weddings were a thing, I've wanted to capture one. So, when I met Helen at the Hilltop Country House wedding fair and she told me that she had booked a tipi for her wedding, I was excited and kept all my fingers and toes crossed in the hope she would book me. I'm SO glad she did, their wedding didn't disappointment, it was simply AWESOME!

How did Alex propose?


in the local park on a miserable Monday in November whilst walking the dog. Perfectly mundane, very us haha!


What made you choose your venue?


we have a lot of family (Irish Catholic haha) so we wanted somewhere individual but all the venues were too small. So we found the tipi, and then looked for farms/fields near us. Once we went to see the farm, we loved the view and it was an easy choice!


Tell me about your theme.


The official theme was “Walter (our dog) running through a meadow of wild flowers” haha! Walt is a massive part of us but couldn’t be there so we had him on the invites and beer mats. We wanted flowers as we were outside and it felt a nice transition. We wanted to do lots of it ourselves (mainly to save money) so then the rustic theme fitted in as well!


Tell me about your wedding dress experience and the dress…

so I met the wedding dress lady at a fair and I was intrigued by the idea of eco friendly and ethically made dress. I found a designer I liked and went back with my mum and bridesmaid and then found the dress. I didn’t want a big poofy dress as that didn’t fit the tipi theme. I wasn’t going to go for lace as I thought it might pick up dirt easily but that’s what I went for! Turns out it matched my grandmas dress which is my favourite thing about it.


What were your favourite moments/memories from the day?


hmm favourite moments.. I really enjoyed the mass, i thought fr Phil did a good job to bring some humour to the mass and the wedding. When we got to the tipi, it was really exciting seeing everyone there having a good time already, and then the surprise bagpipe man! (We still have no idea who he is or why he was there!) i loved the real ale and the idea that it got people doing something (weddings can be a bit dull) and it also led to my uncles getting half naked which was weird haha. I loved the band, and just seeing everyone on the dance floor, especially at the end when we picked the songs for the last 90mins and I could see different people liking different songs (as was the point). Most of all I loved that it was really chilled and everyone was just out on the grass with a pint or a cocktail, or watching their child on a bouncy castle!


Any advice or tips to any future couples?


we used a lot of pinterest, and that really helped us make a plan about what we wanted. Try to stick to your budget, and think of alternatives (ie we went to a flower market and did all our own flowers for the tables) to save money. Stick to your guns, a lot of people have their own ideas for what a wedding should be like but you know what you like!

here are some of my favorite images.....