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Gemma & Paul's beautiful, heartfelt and emotional day took place at The Mansion House, St Helens. 

How did Paul Propose?

'Paul proposed on bonfire night in 2010, after asking my dad if he could ask me, bless him'

What made you choose your venue?

'Paul has grown up on Victoria Park with his friends,the mansion house has always been in his life, when we moved into our home you can see the venue from our bedroom window, Paul actually picked the venue, but once I had been inside an saw everything I loved it as much, we will always see where we got married as it is somewhere we go to with the kids almost daily.'

Tell me about your theme...

'We didn’t really have a theme as such I just love simplicity and clean looking as why we went with almost everything ivory with just a small hint of blush to match our bridesmaids, which is the colour they picked as I was stuck between that and lemon.'

Tell me about your wedding dress and experience...

'I had only looked online and had seen my dress had been released by Ronald Joyce and was waiting to see which bridal shops would stock the dress, to my surprise the bridal shop around the corner got the dress in, I booked the appointment and went with my mum, Dad & Nan
The bridal consultant Clare explained that although I had picked a specific one, to go along and choose a few others, I did and tried on maybe 5 or 6 they were beautiful but I didn’t get the ‘feeling’ as soon as I slipped my chosen gown on I was in tears.... Clare pulled back the curtain and my families reaction was priceless, I knew from that moment I was right all along.'


What were your favorite moments/memories from the day?

'I wish I could relive the day every day forever it was perfect for us, but if I had to choose I would say seeing Ronnie my son waving at me at the top of the aisle u wouldn’t believe at that moment seeing his face really settled my nerves, also seeing Paul’s reaction it was something I couldn’t wait for I didn’t realise he would be so emotional, I have so many I honestly loved every single minute of the whole day.'

Any advice or tips to future couples?

'If I had any advice it would be, take it all in, enjoy every single minute from the planning to the pampering and shopping it’s all part of it, don’t try to please everyone, it’s impossible keep in your mind that this is yours and your partners day do what u like and what u want, stick with it and don’t let people sway your mind! Let people help when they can and last take time for each other the day goes like a whirlwind faces and emotions all over the place, take a walk, have a look around the room at your guests and with all the time and planning what u have achieved, this is your day, about your love for each other.'

Here's a few images from their day...

lynette matthews photography, wedding photography
lynette matthews photography, wedding photography, the mansion house, st helens
lynette matthews photography