Chris & Olivia


In September 2018 I had the pleasure of capturing Chris & Olivia's wedding day. I was excited for two reasons, 1, I was capturing another wedding (which is something I love doing) and 2, I was going to see some familiar faces as I had captured two of Olivia's cousins weddings prior to their day.

Chris & Olivia's wedding took place at the
Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa surrounded by 90 of their family and friends and to add a very personal touch, they had their friend conduct the ceremony. How cute is that!!!


Here's what they had to say...

Why did you choose this venue for your wedding?


We’d been looking for a wedding venue for such a long time before we had a look around Thornton hall. I wanted to marry somewhere with such beautiful features. We’d looked at Thornton manor however it was way too expensive so we went to Thornton hall and I was just absorbed with the beauty of it. So we booked the wedding that day.


Tell me your wedding vision, theme, colours, flowers, accessories etc...

I didn’t really have a theme for the wedding. I wanted the colour theme to be mauve however it was too difficult a colour to get for the bridesmaid dresses etc. So I had to try and match the colours as best I could. The flowers were a bit a surprise from my auntie who’s a florist. I told her I wanted pale and bright purples and pinks with a bit of green and white and she gave my beautiful bouquet.

What was your first dance song choice and why?

One song that was on when Chris got down on one knee was the power of love - Frankie goes to Hollywood. That song was the obvious option for our first dance as we loved it so much anyway, but the proposal made it special.

Tell me about your wedding dress...

I fell pregnant a few months after booking the wedding, so I panicked about 2018. I would have had a baby in February and would have such a rush to get fit and find a dress in that time! So I went as soon as I could and bought a beautiful slim fitted gown. Soon after I realised it would hug me way too much and if I had extra skin from the pregnancy then I might not be so in love with the dress! So I cancelled the purchase and looked elsewhere. At this point I had a bump! I had to ensure that I had a dress that was going to fit regardless of my size. So I went to wed2b to look for something QUICK! I found a nice corset back simple gown which I thought I loved but because I was in a panic to find ‘the one’ I just bought it. Over time I began to hate it. It was a hard time because I was carrying a big baby and I was upset that I hadn’t got my dress. I went to opulence which is Chris’s cousins shop & looked around. Finally! I found a dress that I loved, which was more to my style. It was a strapless, sweetheart styled princess gown. I absolutely adored it and so now I own two wedding dresses what a palaver!

What were your favorite parts of the day?

My favorite parts of the day was the obvious option, the vows made me tearful and I loved sharing that moment with our loved ones. Another favorite moment was the meal.. seeing everybody enjoying themselves, seeing the laughter and happiness throughout the whole room, it made me so proud. The final and most special was when my main and most important guest arrived. He was my life so when my grandad was in the hallway sprucing himself up to come in and congratulate Chris and I, my heart just warmed with love and it such a special moment. Knowing he was dying was so hard but the fact he held on just to attend my wedding day just made me the happiest of all.

What is your advice to future couples planning their wedding?

My advice for any future couples would be to take your time! Plan with care and don't rush into anything out of excitement. This day will be the most special day that you will share with not only your husband to be but with your whole family so you want to make it right. Get those little bits and bobs that tie everything together and make you happy. You only marry once!

Some wonderful suppliers:

Flowers - Sylvia’s Flower World
Dress - Opulence Bridal Wear

Suits - Slaters, Liverpool
Cake - Handmade by Auntie Melanie Heenan

Here's some of my favorite images and moments from their day:

Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa
Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa
Thornton Hall Hote & Spa
Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa
Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa
Thornon Hall Hotel & Spa
Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa
Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa