Lucie & Joe

Palm House


Wow, what a couple and what a venue. It's always an honor when a couple choose you to capture their special day, whether it's for a few hours (like Lucie & Joe) or the full hog. This gorgeous pairs botanical lushness of a wedding, did not disappoint.

Tell me about your proposal story

We were on holiday, in Portugal. His family have an apartment there and it was the first place we went on holiday together years before, so holds lots of special memories. Whilst out for drinks the evening before the proposal Joe asked if i wanted to get up early and go for a walk at sunrise to our favourite beach. We'd been together about 8 years at that point and in our whole time together Joe had never, not once, asked to get up early.. so I started to get suspicious! The next morning when his alarm went off and he jumped out of bed (again, not something I had ever witnessed) I knew something was afoot! 

Hilariously he had accidentally used one of my toe rings to judge the size of the engagement ring and we were both quite hungover! Not quite as romantic as perhaps envisaged.. but needless to say i was still beaming! 

Why did you choose this venue for your wedding?

We were at The Palm House, shortly after we got engaged, watching Joe's mum perform in her choir. Joe suggested it as a venue and a quick google showed us that they did host weddings; It was 5 minutes from our house and so beautiful.. we didn't bother looking at any other venues, it just worked for us! 

Tell me your wedding vision, theme, colours, flowers, accessories etc

As our venue was a giant botanical garden we felt it needed very little additional decoration! We wanted a few candles & a small amount of greenery on the tables.. trying to keep it simple & elegant. Very fortunately, via family connections, we knew of Sweetpea & Ivy, an amazing mother & daughter duo who specialise in wedding decorations; they did a phenomenal job! 

     What was your first dance song choice and why?

Into the mystic by Van Morrison. No particular reason other than it was a beautiful song! We don't really have a single song that is 'our' song.. now we have one more to add to our collection ot songs which remind us of happy times! 

Tell me about your wedding dress

Fairly fitted, low back, ivory crepe. I found the prospect of wedding dress shopping quite overwhelming, as there's just so much choice! I decided I would allow myself to visit only 3 local boutiques and pick one from there.. in the second one I found my dress. I wont say it was my dream dress.. however I was grateful not to have to spend hours dress shopping and honestly, it's TRUE what they say; you'll be so happy spending time with all the people you care about on your wedding day that when it comes to it you really wont care about what the exact details of your hair/makeup or dress! Guests will love to see you happy.. and nobody will actually remember the detail of your hair or dress after the event! Of course you want to feel you look good.. but don't sweat the detail! 

What were your favourite parts of the day?

So many! Reading a card one of my best friends had written to me in the morning (first tears of the day). Turning the corner at the aisle and seeing all the faces of our guests for the first time. Sharing the nerves with Joe through hand squeezes throughout the ceremony. Looking around the room during the meal and seeing all the people I love in one place. My dad's speech. Dancing the night away! 

What is your advice to future couples planning their wedding?

Plan early and try to get all the basics sorted a few months out.. it just takes all the stress out of the run up! 

Dont stress about small details... honestly no one will notice them except yourselves! Guests just want to see you happy, eat & drink and dance! I bet hardly anyone could describe our wedding invite, colour scheme, bar menu, details about the food, type of white/red wine on the table or 2nd song of the evening by now! 


Why did you choose Lynette Matthews Photography?

One of my good friends had used Lynette at her wedding a couple of years before ours and we ADORED her wedding photos. We also remembered the group photos were orchestrated with a lack of fuss or hanging around.. something we really wanted! We were so happy we chose Lynette!! 


Venue: Palm House, Sefton Park

Table Decorations: Sweetpea & Ivy

Cake Table Decorations: Sweetpea & Ivy

Cake: Lucie's Auntie

Flowers: Booker Flowers & Gifts

Car: Blacklane

Dress: The Bridal Path

Suit: T M Lewin